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I was contemplating on what kind of paper shredder to buy because I want to get rid of a lot of papers from receipts, bills, warranties, and all sort of kinds of paper all at once (I was trying the KonMari Method of tiding up) and I just want to protect my personal information (yes, I’m paranoid like that). Or maybe I just want to make an excuse to buy a paper shredder because I think its so cool. So after much research of price range of electric paper shredder I have come to conclusion that I don’t NEED one.

But then faith happens when I tried checking out National Bookstore in SM Megamall they have this Manual paper shredder or as they call it Hand Paper Shredder! It’s price is 689.00 pesos. I know in CDR-King they have that too but smaller in size unlike this one which can fit an A4 size paper. Please watch the below to see how this thing works.

If you watch the video you’ll see the pieces of paper that got stuck inside the shredder also some pieces of paper got stuck on the metal or blade it was annoying seeing it though it didn’t have problem shredding the paper so much but I know in the future it will if more paper will get stuck in the blade.

Therefore I decide to disassemble the machine so I could clean the inside out. I plan on recording the disassembly because I thought it was an easy job and I could share it as well but turns out not it’s not so simple so I forgot to record since I was already panicking putting the pieces together. Luckily it got fixed I don’t know how long I was trying to assemble it back but felt like an hour maybe. So it’s working fine again and no papers stuck to it anymore! Maybe next time I’ll try to record it.

Hand Paper Shredder Top View

This is after I clean the blade and casing. Looks brand new again!

Specification of the product:

  • Max 2 Thin Paper Capacity
  • Size of strip is 3mm
  • It can fit 229mm width paper or A4 size paper
Hand Paper Shredder Hand Crank

Circle part is where it broke. I epoxy it and hopefully it will not fall off again.

I forgot to take a picture of all the paper i shredded. It was a lot that my hand hurts and the hand crank broke as well maybe because I was testing out thicker paper and forcing it too much to shred it. I use mighty bond to fix it but then when i dropped the hand crank it broke again. So I bought a cheap epoxy glue to fix it again, it looks promising and hopefully this time I will not drop it on the floor again.

PS If you want cheaper alternatives use your pets as paper shredder. 👌🐶🐈🐿️🐓🐇


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