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Most paper cutter in bookstores/office supply stores are heavy duty ones which I am not into since it’s bulky and heavy and I don’t have a space for it. I just wanted something like this one that I bought which is very easy to use and lightweight and easy to store. I bought it online from Lazada for 450 pesos. Though I think the price is a bit expensive since it was also shipped from abroad and it took a while before it got delivered. Even though the paper cutter is lightweight it still can cut through nicely on paper from thin to thick papers. It can cut at most 3 coupon bond at once and it can also cut thicker paper like watercolor paper or thicker card-stock paper.

You can watch the video below to see how it works:

paper cutter

A more closer look of the product

paper cutter blade

This is what paper cutter blade looks like. I am not sure yet how long the blade will last. Will keep this post updated in the future.

paper cutter

Lightweight very portable and easy to keep

paper cutter


If you want to buy one you can get it on Lazada. Just click on the link below so you’ll be able to buy it from the same seller that I got it from.

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