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I started doing hand lettering back in early January of 2016. As a kid I always like doing creative arts and crafts. I think I got it from watching too many Art Attack on Disney channel. Seriously I don’t remember anything that made me more interested in arts besides watching that show repeatedly. I wanted to go back into doing more of it, specifically on using watercolor as my medium as well as learning more about creative hand lettering. These are some of the creative hand lettering I did back in early January 2016 up to mid of August. I wanted to document it and see my progress as time goes by. And shoring it here on my blog could help me make more of this kind of arts in the future

my-hand-lettering-practice-1 my-hand-lettering-practice-2 my-hand-lettering-practice-3 my-hand-lettering-practice-5 my-hand-lettering-practice-6 my-hand-lettering-practice-7 my-hand-lettering-practice-8 my-hand-lettering-practice-9 my-hand-lettering-practice-10 my-hand-lettering-practice-11 my-hand-lettering-practice-12 my-hand-lettering-practice-13 my-hand-lettering-practice-15 my-hand-lettering-practice-16 my-hand-lettering-practice-17 my-hand-lettering-practice-24



Hand Lettering


Hand LetteringI tried to add a watercolor background technique which you use a plastic sheet to manipulate the watercolor effect. I saw this technique on one youtube video I saw.

Hand Lettering

this one is my favorite. the process of making this one was very fast and random which was surprising of how it can look way more decent than the ones I made that took a while.


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