Family Doc Laboratory Services and Rates

Please click on the image below to view larger image of the Laboratory Services and Rates of Family Doc Clinic Sandoval Pasig branch

Family Doc Sandoval Pasig 2020 Contact Details

Went to take my nephew for his cough check up at Family Doc Clinic Sandoval Pasig Branch Contact Number (02) 8618-8617 / 09178234716 Consultation fee is 395php. His meds cost around 650php that [...]

Mason Jar Foam Pump Set

I got these at S&R Shaw it was at a sale price of 345 pesos. The foam pump is great for castile soaps. It’s Mason Craft and More brand the quality looks good and I hope the lid will not [...]

How to get Postal ID Pasig Philippines

This is how I got my Postal ID at Pasig Central Post Office I arrived at the post office around 4pm already and good thing they still accept applicants since I’m the only one person in the [...]

Express Lane Application for Philippine Visa Extension

If you’re wondering how to get an Philippine Visa Extension in Immigration Main Office Intramuros Manila you might want to read this post to give you an idea of the process of it all. You [...]

S&R Laundry Detergent Prices

S&R Laundry Detergent Prices Check out S&R Laundry Detergent Prices Bulk buying 10kg with container. Though I didn’t actually purchase these since I bought bulk of detergent at [...]

Senior Citizen ID for my Aunt in Cainta Philippines

Getting Senior Citizen ID in Cainta Rizal I accompanied my aunt in getting her senior citizen ID at Cainta Rizal but before we got to go apply for senior citizen ID she had to get a valid ID [...]

Hoarding Gallons of Castile Soap

Buy 1 Get 1 Castile Soap at Casa de Lorenzo Who doesn’t love discounted products? Last November I bought a refilled gallon of Unscented Coconut Castile soap at Casa de Lorenzo and just [...]

Framing My Diamond Painting

I bought this particular frame for around 130 pesos I think (I lost the receipt)! It includes a random painting without a glass panel. I prefer to not have a glass panel so the diamond beads can [...]