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What to do with Sola Ice Tea Bottle?

I’ve been obsessed with Sola Ice Tea bottle drink this last few months and I might have had too much bottles on hand. I tried using it as a water container but it became too tedious to clean, so I decide to find a better way to reuse them. Then I though of this!

Sola Ice Tea bottle

Ain’t it pretty? I never knew I would be able to re purpose these bottles this way. I just think it looks really nice when they are all lined up together. It can be difficult to remove the bottle label completely since it leaves a sticky film on it.

Sola Ice Tea bottle

Sola Ice Tea bottle

It’s also helpful to use a funnel to put in the dry good since the mouth of the bottle is quite narrow and it may cause spillage. So far the dry goods that I put in are quinoa, oatmeal, red and black beans, lentils and chickpeas. The bottle cap seal the dry good with no problem. You can also use sola ice tea bottle to refill cooking oil in the market instead of using plastic packaging. There’s a ton of ways you can upcyle these sola ice tea bottle you just have to think creatively. Plus the look of glass container is way nicer than plastic containers. I also hope Sola Ice Tea company can reuse bottles for their products since I really love their ice tea but I feel like I will end up with hundreds of bottles if I keep drinking it. 😀

For more information about Sola Ice Tea Bottle drinks you may visit their Facebook page.


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