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Philippine Requirements Delayed Registration Death 2020
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Specifically, these are the requirement of the Local Civil Registrar of Cainta Municipal.

Philippine Requirements for Delayed Registration of Death

1.Negative Result of Death (from Philippine Statistics Authority, PSA)

2.Four (4) copies of Certificate of Death which must be accomplished correctly and completely;

3.Affidavit for Delayed Registration which shall be executed by the hospital/clinic administrator if the person died in the hospital, clinic or similar institution, or if the person died elsewhere, by the attendant at death. In default of the hospital/clinic administrator or attendant at death, the affidavit shall be executed by any of the nearest relative of the deceased, or by any person having legal charge of the deceased when he was still alive;

4.The Affidavit referred to in (#3) shall state among other things, the name of the deceased, the facts of his death, the date and place of burial or cremation, and the circumstances why the death was not reported for registration within thirty(30) days after death.

5.Authenticated copy of the Certificate of burial, cremation, or of other means of corpse disposal; and

6.Approval for Registration by the Health Officer in the box provided in the Certificate of Death.

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