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I went shopping at DiviMart that opened last year located along Sandoval Ave Pasig. I check out what they have. I have never heard of DiviMart before but from what I have search online they already have other branches around Rizal area.

The both have grocery and department store. They practically sells very affordable products from all sorts of categories like kitchenware, school and office supplies, furniture, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, music player (karaoke, speakers microphone etc.), makeup products and many more. It has grocery store as well from ground level which has a good selection of grocery items. I enjoyed walking through each isle because there’s a lot to look at and the prices are very cheap.

Check out the slideshow below to see what it looks like inside the DiviMart in Sandoval Pasig.

Cute curtain I’m eyeing to buy.

Window Curtain DiviMart

389 pesos per curtain 85in size

I also check out at what they have for arts and crafts sections and to my surprise they sell this same paper cutter that I bought online. It’s 125 pesos only. I felt so sad when I looked at the price because it’s more than half the price from what I bought online and I think it’s same quality.

Paper Cutter DiviMart

Paper Cutter for around 125 pesos from what I remember

And here’s more of arts and crafts product they have which I find interesting and some are cheap

stencil-cute--divimart-pasig paper-straw-divimart-pasig glitter-foam-paper-divimart-pasig foam-paper-divimart-pasig foam-paper-1-divimart-pasig

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