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Buying a Gallon of Manila Castile Soap

I’ve tried to test out on buying a gallon of Manila Castile Soap from Casa de Lorenzo last end of June. And here’s the things I think are beneficial in doing bulk buying and buying in refill.

What are the benefits of bulk and refill buying products in Casa de Lorenzo?

  • They usually give discount when you use your own container for refill and buying in bulk cheaper in price.
  • It eliminates additional plastic waste in your household when you refill your products.
  • When you buy in bulk you will tend shop less often. I bought a gallon of castile soap last June and I haven’t bought anybody wash or hand soap since then.
  • It’s also a plus that the products they offer are locally source and made.
manila castile soap
This is the amount as of end of August. Two months usage

So what’s the downside of it?

  • It may seem costly to buy in bulk but in the long run you pay same price or yet less than buying in small portion in grocery. I paid 950php (discounted price) for a gallon (3.78 liters) of Unscented Manila Castile Soap. I use about 500ml per month for body soap (single person use) and maybe about 1liter of hand soap (multiple person uses) per month. So hopefully my one gallon of castile soap could last me for at least three months estimate only.
  • That’s around 316php per month of hand and body soap. Before I used to use safeguard body wash which cost me 300+php per 400ml bottle. Then I would buy those buy one take one 500ml gel hand soap in Watsons for I think 150php.
  • It all depends on your current budget in toiletries, for me I save more money by buying in bulk refills. It also feels good that I don’t produce more plastic bottles each month. I also tried lush shampoo bar as additional zero waste product in my toiletries.
  • Another downside I guess it that you’ll have to make an effort in going to their store for refills but buying in bulk means shopping less often. Luckily Casa de Lorenzo shop is just nearby at my place. I mainly use it as body wash and hand wash sometimes as facial wash as well.
  • You may want to use a foaming soap dispenser. Castile Soap tends to be watery instead of being gel like consistency. By using a foaming dispenser you’ll avoid spillage which can be a waste of product.

manila castile soap

I just wish companies would be open to this idea though I think there are a certain rules they need follow when it comes to the safety of packing of their products that hindrance them from doing so.

If you want to know more about the products Casa de Lorenzo offers you may visit their site at They do also sell essential oils that are locally made in the Philippines.

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