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Ecobar PH Shampoo Bar First Impression Review

I finally decided to buy and try out this local shampoo bar Ecobar ph since I am about to finish my first Lush shampoo bar. I already knew this brand a couple of months ago but I just haven’t just bought them yet because I wanted to try first the Lush shampoo bar.

Here’s the no-box option

ecobar ph

There’s a really huge price difference between Ecobar PH and Lush shampoo bar.

Ecobar Shampoo Bar Price – 170 pesos for all kinds and for their Conditioner Bar it cost 200 pesos while Lush shampoo bar cost 495 each.

You can also get 10 pesos discount if you opted to not have the box packaging which is a good deal and eco friendly as well. Their products are very in demand and I basically have to pre-order the shampoo bars.

First Impression of EcoBar PH Shampoo bar

My first impression of it when I received the package was the scent. It’s definitely strong, you can smell it even if you haven’t opened the packaging yet. Personally, I didn’t like the scent because I am not familiar with what scent they use. Also even though the ingredients or scents of the bars are different from each other they all smell the same to me.

Shampoo Bar – Heal and Detox


So after I open each item I decided to put them in an airy area to let it sit and dry a bit because it felt moist or oily to touch.

It’s smaller than I expected it to be. I measure it and it’s 2×2 inches and almost 1 inch thick, it’s like the same size as the lush shampoo bar. I actually like that they use square shapes instead of circles because storing or drying them can be easier since you can store them vertically.

Conditioner Bar

ecobar ph

I did try first the Heal and Detox bar and the conditioner bar as well. It lathers really well for the shampoo bar, it has the same squeaky clean feeling like on a lush shampoo bar which means it really cleans your hair by removing oils and dirt. While for the conditioner it kinda takes a lot of rubbing because I couldn’t get enough product on my hair but take into consideration that I have very thick hair!

ecobar ph
Shampoo Bar

After my hair dries, my hair feels lightweight and shiny. I am used to having my hair all frizzy and puffy whenever I shampoo but I notice that it’s a lot tamer than usual! So I think I will enjoy using this product even more. I just hope that the product does not disintegrate fast.

Overall I am satisfied with the ecobar ph shampoo bar and conditioner. I will give an update again here after I finish the whole shampoo bar to see if there are any significant things I will notice throughout using the product.

If you want to try out ecobar ph shampoo bar as well you can check their Facebook page here.

Two months update of using the shampoo bar:

Left side is the Charcoal shampoo bar after two months use. The pink stain on the conditioner bar from right side is from my previous Lush shampoo bar.

I was able to use the charcoal shampoo bar this past two months but not as often for the conditioner bar because I am still using up the liquid conditioner I bought before. I can say that using the shampoo bar alone will not really work for me because it does leave my hair too dry tangly feeling after a shower it really needs a conditioner to help with the tangles and to avoid hair damage or breakage. It took two months for me to almost finish the shampoo bar because I don’t use it every day! I use it every other day sometimes every two days.

I have not posted a before/after of my hair here because my main purpose of buying this shampoo bar is a.) use less plastic b.) clean my hair which it both delivers. I am not aiming to have voluminous or super straight shiny hair by using these shampoo bars though it does give your hair a good shine. I don’t really have any complaints about these shampoo bars. It does what it says and I am happy with it.

For the conditioner bar, I find it very hard to apply on my hair since it comes as a bar, and hair conditioner doesn’t lather so takes a lot of rubbing before my entire hair can be fully coated with the product. Nonetheless, my hair feels smooth using it.

What does my hair smell after using it? It doesn’t smell too strong compared to grocery shampoos. I liked it that way!

Will I repurchase? Yes, I also consider testing out other local brands of shampoo bars in the future.

If you have any more questions with shampoo bar let me know in the comments below. 🙂


  1. Hi! I loved your review! I have a super sensitive scalp and skin but I also want to use shampoo bars for my hair and eco friendly option. It would be great if you could give any comment from experience if ecobarph is also good for sensitive skin. Thanks!

    1. Personally, I don’t have sensitive skin, but based on my experience with ecobarph, I haven’t got any skin problems with using the bar for a couple of months of usage. 🙂

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