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Local Castile Soap Philippines

If you are looking for a local castile soap brand in the Philippines you’re in luck because Casa de Lorenzo is offering a buy one get one promo for their castile soap and so my inner hoarder self tells me to grab it lol

Buy 1 Get 1 Castile Soap at Casa de Lorenzo

Who doesn’t love discounted products? Last November I bought a refilled gallon of Unscented Coconut Castile soap at Casa de Lorenzo and just recently they announced that they are having a buy one get one promotion on their Castile soaps. So my inner hoarder self tells me to grab this promo even though I still have a gallon of Castile soap on hand.

I was able to pick up the 2 gallons in their shop located in C. Raymundo Pasig. They also have a new refilling station for all their Castile soaps. The price for 2 gallons of Castile soap was 1900 pesos. They said the shelf life of their Castile soap is 2 years. I can use up a gallon of Castile soap for a good four months.

Castile Soap
Casa de Lorenzo store in Pasig with their new refilling station

Where Do I Use Castile Soap?

  • Mainly as my body wash sometimes I also use it as a facial wash.
  • I also use it as hand wash (bathroom and kitchen area), it’s so good at stripping away oil and dirt
  • I have recently been using it as dog shampoo, it leaves my dog’s coat or skin clean. I have a smooth dachshund so I don’t know how it’ll be for long-haired dogs. But I do follow up on putting some coconut oil on their coats for healthier-looking coats.
  • Natural and repellent spray. I dilute it to some water and putting it on an old bottle spray. It’s effective but you’ll have to follow up on spraying the areas you want ant free!
  • As a home cleaning product, I have tried to use it to clean dirty dog bed cover and it really does a good job stripping away the grease.
  • Basically, Castile soap has a lot of uses that you’ll probably see on the internet but these are just some of the things I have tried.

I also recommend having a foam dispenser bottle when using it as a body wash or hand wash so no product goes to waste! I reused this bottle I bought a while back.

Castile Soap
Foam Pump Bottle Dispenser for Castile Soap

If you want to try out Casa de Lorenzo castile soap you can visit their online shop at They still have a buy one get one promo available.

So what are your experience using Castile soap? Leave your comment below. 🙂

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