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Castile Soap and Essential Oils in the Philippines Review

Just wanted to share a review of a local brand of castile soap in the Philippines that I’ve tried. If you are looking for locally made Castile soaps and essential oils you might want to try Casa de Lorenzo natural and local products. They sell castile liquid soap as well as a wide range of essential oils. They sell online and they also have a physical shop where they offer refilling your empties for a discount.


Castile Soap Review Philippines

I tried their unscented Castile soap and a 10ml bottle of citronella essential oil. I find their Cleansing Castile soap lathers well and cleanses well also. What I don’t like about it is when I use it as a body wash it leaves a slippery residue on the bathroom floor it might be because the soap is made mostly of different kinds of oils (olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil). So I stop using it as a body wash and just tried diluting the product in a 1-liter bottle and use it as hand wash. After the dilution, it still lathers and cleanses well!

As for the citronella oil, I decided to buy this one because it’s “mosquito season” where I live! I want to test its effectiveness in repelling those pesky mosquitoes. I dilute the citronella oil in Olive Oil and apply topically (there’s a lot of topics online on how to dilute EO properly). It has a really strong scent and I am not a fan of it either. Though I find it does work repelling mosquitoes for a few minutes maybe at least 30 minutes unlike those water-based Citronella mosquito repellents were I think it’s not as concentrated.

I went to their physical store located in Pasig since it’s nearby so I could test out and smell their essential oils and see what I like. I intended to buy few essential oils from them but since the saleswomen told me that they usually give out promos every end of the month I decided to wait for it.


I plan to buy some of their essential oils in the future like Calamasi, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Not all of their essential oils are made locally here in the Philippines some are coming from other countries but they guarantee all their essential oils are pure essential oil.

To know more of their products go to their site visit

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