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Shampoo Bar Review Philippines – Lush Brand

Lush Shampoo Bar Review in the Philippines

Product Name: Jason And The Argan Oil Lush Shampoo bar
Price: 495php
Scent: Rose Jam-scented bar
Last up to 80 washes

Benefits of using a shampoo bar

  • It doesn’t have plastic packaging so you’re not contributing plastic trash to landfills or worst the ocean.
  • It lathers well with just a few rubs and massage onto your hair.
  • It smells amazing. This one smells like candy and floral to me thus makes a great potpourri in your closet too when storing.
  • It doesn’t disintegrate fast. I don’t store it in my bathroom rather I let it air dry then store it in a cabinet
  • It does not itch or dry out my scalp. I don’t shampoo my hair every day to prevent it from drying out. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week to maintain natural hair oils.

The downside of using shampoo bar

  • It’s pricey since this is an imported brand product however it promises to provide 80 washes per bar. If you want to try out cheaper alternatives you can look for locally made shampoo bars.
  • Since it’s a bar I have to keep it dry each use or else it can melt fast when left in the bathroom on dish soap. I got used to drying it out each use so it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.
  • It gives your hair that squeaky clean feel so you’ll definitely want to use a conditioner after or else hair it gets dry over time.

How to use a shampoo bar?

In my opinion, it doesn’t have a lot of difference from a normal liquid shampoo but the great benefit I see is that it doesn’t use any packaging. This is the main reason I tried out the shampoo bar. Overall it has been working well for me. I don’t use too much product. I don’t let it lather too much because I find that it also strips away my natural hair oil, instead, I massage my hair long with a small amount of the shampoo and rinse it really well. Sometimes when I feel like it, I pre-treat my hair with coconut oil. I used just enough to coat the entire hair and scalp, leave it for few minutes not longer than an hour then wash my hair with the shampoo bar. I find this method makes my hair super soft but gets dirty quite fast since it’s extra oily so I have to wash it around after a day.

I wanted to try different scents next time after I finish my bar. I am also considering trying local brands of shampoo bars.

How long does a shampoo bar last?

I’ve been using it for over a month now and this is the size of it now.


Please take note that I don’t use this everyday hence it looks like its still big I probably have only used this for at least 15 times and it promises to provide 80 washes per bar. I’ll update this post once I finished the entire bar and how long it took.

Update after more than three months of use:

This is how it looks after more than 3 months of use
This is how it looks after more than 3 months of use
Almost gone! Started using end of June and this was how it look at first week of October
Almost gone! Started using end of June and this was how it look at first week of October

The bar lasts for more than 3 months (not everyday use). I would love to try another Lush shampoo bar but it’s quite hard to get my hands on it because there are only a few branches of Lush in the Philippines. I recently tried an online local brand of shampoo bar called Ecobar PH and I also did a review of it here. Overall I am happy that I haven’t purchased any bottled shampoo or body wash even feminine wash in the last six months. Since I have been only using a shampoo bar and Castile soap.

To know more details about Lush shampoo bar product go here


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