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Medi Heally Warm Pack Review Philippines

Cramps are like angry little ninjas inside you trying to kill you.

If you want a more convenient way to warm up your belly during a painful menstrual period then Medi Heally Warm Pack might be an option for you. Watch the video below on how to use it.

What is Medi Heally Warm Pack?

Medi Heally warm pack is a Korean brand similar to disposable hand warmer pack.

It has 7 natural herbs infused in the pack which gives off a nice aromatherapy when you use it. It claims to soothe and relieves menstrual or muscle pain from the heat it disperse.

Medi Heally

It has two kinds of patch.

Medi Heally

Medi Heally Herborn Herbal Heat Relief Patch

Medi Heally

Medi Heally Herborn Herbal Heat Relief Waist Patch.

Where to buy it? How much is it in the Philippines?

You can buy it online from Shopee or Lazada.

I bought mine from shop called RRshopee on shopee link below. I prefer this shop since it’s a bit cheaper than others plus they give out some Korean skincare freebies.

The Medi Heally Relief Patch cost 58 pesos each.

The Medi Heally Waist Patch cost 67 pesos each.

You can also get it from a distributor of MediHeally on shopee link below.

How to use Medi Heally pack?

Reminder: Once you open the packet it will automatically and gradually warm up in a few minutes. I think it’s the oxidation that triggers the chemical reaction.

Medi Heally
Medi Heally

Watch the video above to see how I attach the patch onto my cloth. Peel off the sticker that seals the herbs and the backing.

It is important not to attach the patch directly onto your skin since the patch can get pretty hot at some point.

Medi Heally

Attached it onto your clothes where you need heat therapy.

I usually attached it to my pants, depending on the thickness of my clothes. If I’m wearing thick clothing I will attach it to the inner side of my clothing. It’s a good idea to wear fitted clothing so that the patch will be snagged and have close contact with your body.

How long the heat last?

Incredibly, the heat does last up to 6 hours and more. Using one patch might be enough to last you throughout the day.

Medi Heally

What’s inside Medi Heally pack?

If you’re curious on what’s inside Medi heally patch…So am I.

So I decided to cut it open to see what’s inside. I think it’s iron and some other ingredient similar to what inside a hand warmer pack.

Does it work to ease menstrual pain?

To be honest, it doesn’t 100% relieve my painful period but it’s a good replacement for a hot water bottle or electric heating pack.

Unlike using a normal hot pack where it is bulky and you can only use it when you’re in lying down or sitting. With this patch, you can have a warm belly throughout the day. It’s effective and convenient when you’re on the go.

I prefer to use the bigger size patch for when my period pain is intense since it has larger coverage and it feels warmer. Both patches last up to 6 hours of use.

Does it work on muscle pain?

I intended to buy this for period pains so I haven’t tried it yet on some back pains. But I think it will definitely be effective as well for some muscle pains that need heat therapy.


Medi heally definitely helps relieves some of my menstrual pains. It feels nice warm and cozy so it’s suitable for when you’re in a cold environment and needs a little bit warmer.

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