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Outland Sandals Philippines Review

Outland Sandals Philippines Review

I am not familiar with the Outland shoe brand up until I bought my first pair of their sandals. Before I even get to know the Outland brand I first got to know the Birkenstock brand which from what I have read “could potentially last a lifetime if cared for properly”.

Outland Sandals Philippines Review

I would love to have a pair of Birkenstock but the price tag is just not for me and upon trying a pair of them at a mall I also felt that it didn’t suit my liking because it looks kind of big for my feet and it felt heavy. So I gave up on Birkenstock.

My old pair of sandals which was a Sorrores brand that I bought a year ago gave up on me, I think it got wet once and the footbed started to peel. So I went shoe shopping this month to replace my year old sandals, then I saw these Outland shoes and at first, I thought it was an imported brand because it sounds like one.

Outland Sandals Philippines Review

I tried on some of their sandals and I end up liking the strap sandals design. I always like strap sandals it feels secure to walk on them. Luckily I bought it during the SM mall sale so I got 20%off. I paid 1599 pesos for this pair original price is 1995 pesos.

It definitely has that Birkenstock vibe but affordable, I like that the sandals is lightweight and the strap uses Velcro instead of a buckle for convenience.

I wanted the color brown strap but they were out of stock on my size so I just picked the blue one. The white once looks nice as well but I am afraid it’ll get dirty real fast!

It gave blisters on my toes the first time I wore it which is normal in every footwear, but after second wear it loosen up a bit and it’s now comfy to wear.

I would love to give an update on the sandals later on and how it will hold on to my feet! Hopefully, this can last for more than a year! *crossed fingers*

(6 Months Update)

Still works just fine, It feels a little loose on my feet after a while but I prefer that way since it’s way more comfortable and doesn’t cause blisters on my feet when using for a long period of time.

Outland Sandals Philippines Review
After wearing for 6 months (not everyday usage)

The foot sole didn’t thin out but my feet shape molded on the sandals lol and it got darker in color as well which kinda looks dirty lol. For the straps, it still looks and feels sturdy and I don’t think it will fall off any time soon.

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    1. Hi Kiara! I made a 6 months update for this Outland Sandals. I think it’s also a good buy since it’s very comfortable everyday casual foot wear. It’s been my go to sandals this past months. 🙂

        1. My pair of outland sandals still works fine, tho 9 months pa lang sya 🙂 It doesn’t have any damage yet, only one time when i placed the sandals on my garage medyo nagkaron sya ng mold like stuff sa sole pero madali lang naalis.

  1. Hi Maam! Thanks for this amazing infos! Any update on the Outland Sandal? I am a male and I planning to buy the Outland Male Sandals that has a birks arizona silhouette. I was wondering if it will really last long. I have a small and wide feet though. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Hello. I’d like to know what you mean by “sandals molded to my foot shape”? Did it physically mold itself to match your feet shape to become more comfortable or did your feet just leave dark marks resembling your feet shape? Birkenstocks mold physically to match the owner’s feet shape. Is it the same here? Thank you!

  3. If wet cloth po, di po ba mas nagdadarken yung foot sole? Or natatanggal po yung dark marks?

    And may I ask din po if same po ba ng sizing ang outland & birks? Got size 8 outland po kasi ,planning to buy birks.

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