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Tajin Review Shopee Philippines

Tajin Review Shopee Philippines

This is one of those TikTok made me buy it kind of purchase! I saw a lot of tajin videos on TikTok and I got curious how it tastes like. I thought I’d share how it tastes like.

The specific one that I purchase is called Tajin Clasico Seasoning With Lime 400g – 379 pesos from Shopee Link below.

Tajin Seasoning Review Philippines
Tajin Seasoning Review Philippines

Ingredients: Chili peppers, sea salt, dehydrated lime juice, anti-caking agent.

Tajin Seasoning Review Philippines
More detail information on the packaging.
Tajin Seasoning Review Philippines
Apple slice sprinkled with tajin seasoning.

What does Tajin taste like?

The dominant flavor of tajin seasoning is a very sour flavor from dehydrated lime juice. It tastes sour and salty and has a slight kick of spiciness from the chili pepper but not overpowering.

If you know sinigang mix the taste reminds me of that when you taste the tajin seasoning as is.

Tajin Seasoning Review Philippines

Also if you know the taste of Kiamoy (Plums Sweet Candy)it has a similar aroma to it when added fresh fruits like apples.

Where can I use it?

It will perfectly blend well with fruits or cocktail drinks. Aside from those, you can also use it as marinate seasoning from your meat like chicken or shrimp. Basically, any food that would compliment a very sour flavor will make tajin a perfect seasoning.

I have tried it on apples which taste so good!

Where to buy tajin in philippines?

I purchase my tajin seasoning from an online seller in Shopee, link below: You can also just search tajin seasoning on your favorite online shop just in case the link below is not working anymore.

Overall I am very happy with this purchased and definitely will urge me more to eat more fruits. Though got to be careful not to add too much tajin since it’s also high in salt.

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