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Passport renewal in the Philippines(2018)

This is just my experience applying for passport renewal in the Philippines at DFA Megamall branch, I just wanted to document it, that’s all.

Luckily I got a slot this month of May I book this appointment back in February.

First and foremost.. Don’t buy expensive jamba juice before your appointment they will not let you in with that (no food and drinks allowed) even water bottle!

Moving on…Make sure all your docs are correct, complete and photocopied (they have photocopier on DFA), as for my case I only need to have my passport and the application be sure you know what requirement you’ll need. Check DFA site for that. Side note, If you made a mistake on your online application, don’t you worry you can still correct them during encoding process on DFA just let them know.

I paid 950 petot for renewal plus 150 petot for lbc delivery, I expect it to be delivered by end of May. Do come earlier than your appointment. They will let you in either way plus there’s gonna be a line outside DFA even before your appointment due to backlog. My appointment was 1pm I went around 12pm then finished at around 1:45pm. It was a monday. The longest line you’ll have to wait for would be encoding section. I notice some encoder take lunch breaks at 1pm so the line slowed down a bit when there was only two encoder that was available. If you have a choice, pick the earliest schedule so you’ll avoid the lunch break period.

Overall it wasn’t that bad of an appointment.

P.S. I never seen the 200php half drinked jamba juice again. 😔

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