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Pay Philhealth Contribution through Moneygment App

2021 UPDATE – Currently the Moneygment app does not accept any Philhealth transaction.

So I started to pay for my PhilHeath contribution just this year, Since I work at home I have to pay it on my own.

My first payment of PhilHeath contribution was through PhilHeath branch in Makati since I also just got registered that day they ask if I want to pay the contribution already. I choose to pay it in quarterly hence I have to pay 3 more times this year.

It can be a hassle to pay contribution through over the counter or on payment center so I search if I can do it online. I don’t think PhilHeath offer online payment for self paying individual yet (I’m not sure but I couldn’t find any information on their site), but then I saw Neri Miranda’s instagram post about this app called Moneygment app that allows her to pay her employee’s PhilHeath contribution through that app.

From the app Moneygment site they say that it is a payment solutions for self-employed individuals & small to medium enterprises. You can pay your SSS, PhilHeath, and Pag-IBIG Fund contributions. File and pay your taxes.

I got curious and tried downloading the app but it was too slow to download the app few months ago so I wasn’t able to test it. But then here comes April and I needed to pay my contribution so I tried downloading it again and this time it works. I sign up add my personal information as well as my PhilHeath ID. It was easy to navigate to as well.

I pay through online banking via Dragon Pay, there’s 20 pesos fee for the app and another 10 pesos fee for Dragon pay. The price of fees depends on where you want to pay I choose this option since it’s convenient for me. In total I had to pay 635.00 pesos I think it will be cheaper if I have started to pay on a yearly basis so I had to pay only once a year with just 35.00 pesos as my transaction fee.

Here’s the interface of the app to give you an idea. Also based on the site the app is available for google play or android users.


Then I verify my payment after a day by logging into my PhilHealth account, it’ll show you your latest contribution payment. Overall for me I think it’s the quickest way to pay my PhilHeath contribution . Just make sure to pay it on a yearly basis so transaction fees will be cheaper in the long run.


  1. Hi! I also had a hard time figuring out a convenient way to pay my statutories when I retired to be a housewife. Add to that, I’m pregnant and wouldnt want to stand in line at business centers (Yes, they only have one staffer available so no priority lane). I had a stressful time especially when SSS implemented their PRN payment scheme, even SM’s business centers observed them. I was trying to open my SSS online account but the cellular service was bad. So i went to Robinson’s bayad center to inquire. Luckily, there was an express lane for me and they were able to give me my PRN swiftly.
    I settled with WesternUnion since it was the nearest payment center at the time. Then lo and behold when i went home and opened all my Statutory online accounts, there was my SSS PRN, smiling in front me. To cut the long story short, it would be handy to open your online accounts in PHIC, SSS and PAG Ibig for all your data and historical info needs. :). Thank you for this post! This is really really helpful. I already downloaded the app and will pay tomorrow. God Bless you!

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