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Why I use Pick-a-Roo App for Grocery Shopping | Review 2021

Pick-a-Roo app

What is Pick-a-Roo app?

Pick-a-Roo is a brand new all-in-one and on-demand premium lifestyle delivery app. It started its beta version on August 8, 2020, for the first 188 invite-only users exclusively. Then on August 18, 2020, Pick-a-Roo opened the app to more users in key cities in Metro Manila.

Is your location available for delivery?

They deliver within Metro Manila and selected areas outside Metro. You can download the app and input your address to check the nearest store and branch in your location.

Pick-a-Roo app

My experience with Pick-a-Roo app

I made a total of 10 online orders since December 2020 and so far I’m very satisfied with the service. I often use it for grocery shopping and have tried a couple of food delivery. You can also order food from gourmet restaurants, buy household appliances and gadgets.

Pick-a-Roo app
You can get free tote bags when you purchase a minimum 1000php for food or shops and 2500php for grocery items

What is their mode of payment?

Pick-a-Roo app

They accept Gcash, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, and Paymaya.

I have personally use cash on delivery, Gcash, and credit card as payment. For credit cards and Gcash they will only charge you once the delivery is completed.

Pick-a-Roo app Advantages

  • What keeps me from using the app is that you can book your order ahead of time and get your order delivered at your preferred time and day.
  • It caters to my location which is outside of metro manila.
  • It has a good amount selection of grocery stores. I have tried to grocery shop through Robinsons Supermarket and S&R using the app.
  • They also offer same-day delivery and can deliver within an hour.
  • Delivery and Shoppers fee is at a reasonable price. It now starts at 48 pesos for delivery fee plus 68 pesos shoppers fee. It increases based on the distance from the store to the delivery location.
  • There’s a lot of premium stores available.

Pick-a-Roo app Disadvantage

Pick-a-Roo app
  • Few instances I encounter with the Pick-a-Roo app is that there are few transactions where some items are not available. In that case, the shoppers notify me if there’s an available replacement for the item. This would be disappointing if you’re buying some medications that you might need and it’s out of stock.
  • For the grocery item prices, there are few items I notice that are a little more expensive than buying it yourself in the store but not all of it.
  • Tracking the location of the rider. I got used to Grab app where you can see the exact location of the rider but Pick a Roo doesn’t offer that feature yet. Though I never got any problem with the rider not finding my exact location.


Overall I am satisfied using the Pick-a-Roo app, I would continue using it especially during the times we are in right now. The app is very user-friendly and the transactions are always hassle-free.

If you want to try out the app click on the image below to download the app. You can also get 250 pesos voucher discount when you use my referral code: KARE1228. Happy online shopping!

Pick-a-Roo app

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